Custom Cabinetry Specialists

Custom Cabinetry Specialists

In the quest for exquisite, tailor-made cabinetry, “Custom Cabinetry Specialists” is a term synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. At MPW of Boca, we embody this ethos, offering unparalleled custom cabinetry solutions that blend innovative design with enduring quality.

Crafting Excellence Since 1974

Decades of Expertise: Established on Glades Road in 1974, Mica Products & Wood (MPW) of Boca has been a beacon of custom cabinetry excellence. Our journey spans nearly five decades, during which we have mastered the art of custom cabinet making.

Diverse Range of Cabinetry Solutions: From striking wall units and entertainment centers to sophisticated office furniture, kitchens, bedrooms, and bathroom vanities, our portfolio is a testament to our versatility and skill.

A Personalized Approach to Custom Cabinetry

Understanding Your Vision: At MPW, we recognize that each client has unique needs and preferences. Our team of skilled designers works closely with you, translating your vision into a reality that reflects your style and needs.

Visit Our Showroom: We invite you to our showroom to explore our extensive range of designs, or you can set up a personal appointment with our design experts to discuss your custom cabinetry requirements.

Why Choose MPW of Boca?

  1. Tailored Designs: Whether it’s a custom-built desk or an elegant kitchen storage solution, our designs are tailored to suit your specific space and style.
  2. Quality Craftsmanship: Our commitment to using only the finest materials ensures that your custom cabinets are not just visually stunning but also durable.
  3. Variety of Finishes: Offering a plethora of finishes, including high-quality laminates, acrylic, and lacquer paints, we guarantee a product that aligns with your aesthetic and functional needs.
  4. Seamless Process: From the initial consultation to the final installation, we ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience, making the journey to your dream cabinetry as enjoyable as the final product.

Transforming Spaces with Elegance and Functionality

Custom Solutions for Every Room: Our expertise extends beyond the kitchen. Whether it’s a bedroom, bathroom, office, or entertainment space, we have the skills to create cabinetry that is both beautiful and functional.

Commitment to Your Satisfaction: Our long-standing reputation is built on a foundation of customer satisfaction. We take pride in exceeding expectations with our custom cabinetry solutions.

Ready to Elevate Your Space?

Looking for “Custom Cabinetry Specialists”? MPW of Boca is here to transform your space with our exceptional craftsmanship. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and embark on the journey to realizing your vision for perfect cabinetry. Let us craft the heart of your home with elegance, precision, and style. Call now and take the first step towards a beautifully transformed space.

Custom Cabinetry Specialists